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Year: 2013
Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery
Director: Danny Boyle
Starring: James McAvoy, Vincent Cassel, Rosario Dawson

Art auction, which was mixed with a group of criminals partners hypnotherapist to recover lost images.
Since my Danny Boyle Fandom began in 2007, he's had a great habit of topping itself. Sunshine blew me away, and I still love it today, Slumdog Millionaire was an exciting experience and 127 hours so incredibly cathartic, it remains close to the needle in my rating. Hes got enough of his build-up for me to call myself a lifelong fan. But when it comes to trance seems to have forgotten power plant over the last 17 years completely. I can see that he was trying to do here.I love their debut, Shallow Grave, when I was on my first recording of Danny Boyle with four of his films in my top 10 of all time, the tomb was my favorite. They Boyles your favorite. He has a philosophy that the first film is always better, because it best reflects the energy of young talent. Maybe Miss Boyle England, he has not set the film here in the millions, almost 10 years ago. Annual Couldve Trance was expected quality Boyle back in the 90's, but he is better than the standard for this today, it does not acceptable.It feel like Boyle's film wouldve made to follow a shallow grave, but later broke under pressure. For example, the grave, it is a triptych immoral characters that seduce, torture and tease each other to get what they want. There's no one to root. But that's okay, Tomb of work, but Trance scrambles your material and determine what a strange world it is a threat, but funny to the point where it does not add up. He wants us to question what is real and what is not real, but in the real world so strange that he had already lost me. It's a mystery, and it makes me curious, but it solves a very far-fetched, if unpredictable.The opening pleasant enough, but when he passed, he would have become such a jumbled mess that I do not know what's going on at the same time I do not care. Huge turns a step too far, and as a result it is the most terrible and intuitive experience. Better in the sense that he made the story and the characters richer, but it does not really improve the movie. However, to his credit, he's never boring. This is ridiculous and confusing. At the very least you can expect from Boyle whirlwind visuals and music, and while the music is delivered as always, the film is really all over the place, and the film does not feel at all. It feels like an amateur and no atmosphere and character.Its movie that knows what it wants to be - fun, funny, or mind-blowing? It would just be unpleasant. To be honest, it provides a few thrills, even if he does not really add or resonate emotionally. And there are some charm Boyle, who I like, regardless of the packaging. McAvoy and Cassels performances are wonderful, even if their characters are completely messes. Unfortunately, Dawson did not send them, although his strong start, the more she gets involved, it becomes more and more irrelevant. Too bad his worst, and even millions of lives less Ordinary.4/10