The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

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Year: 1994
Genre: Crime, Drama
Director: Frank Darabont
Starring: Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman, Bob Gunton

Two imprisoned men bond over a number of years, finding solace and eventual redemption through acts of common decency.
Im trying to save money, this is the last movie title that should consider borrowing. Shawshank rental costs five dollars ... Just plunk down $ 25 to own the title. You'll wind up going back time and again this gem. This is one of the few films that are truly timeless. And it's fun and move forward, no matter how many times you see it.Forget about what other people (including me) might suggest you'll discover in Shawshank Redemption, when you look, you realize something very personal in life and the scene, character, or time in the movie uncomplicated. When you have hope, you look Shawshank. When you want to believe in the will to overcome even the biggest obstacles, Shawshank will raise in ways that can not get in movies today. Some liken the film to some sort of spiritual awakening. Of course, some may go to church seeking enlightenment and faith in humanity, but many places of worship are open only certain days or times. But when you have proof of permanent connection thips frier to prevail over bad condition, Shawshank will give you. It makes grown men (like me) crying, but still. I wonder whether Shawshank was really meant for viewing in the privacy of the home, because it is a personal experience that really makes you look inside. Nominated for seven, this is the best film Oscar was never the same. How ironic that winds innocent person while surrounded by a corrupt legal system. Shawshank itself is similar to the character of Andy Dufresne. Prejudice of this classic film critics could not get past the title. public followed suit, originally expelled Shawshank, which failed at the box office as his wonderful life and Citizen Kane. It can only be whithered off store shelves, as Andy Dufresne may be in its own cell. But players win because Andy - The Shawshank - remained faithful. Now, these movies are right up there as the most popular film of all time. Anyone who has seen Shawshank can be so jaded theater or movie title, or 2-1/2- hour movie set within the walls of the prison may fail to accommodate diverse as the soul of the people. Shawshank is not an explosion. I wonder if it even has a special effect or image computer enhanced technology. But every aspect of Shawshank fit together. proceeding from top to small parts. Scores. editing. image. story, from the opening credits to the final area. All those involved, including the city of Mansfield, Ohio (where Shawshank was actually recorded) played their roles perfectly. Shawshank is a must-see, must-own title.