Jayne Mansfields Car (2012)

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Year: 2012
Genre: Drama
Director: Billy Bob Thornton
Starring: Katherine LaNasa, Billy Bob Thornton, Kevin Bacon

Alabama 1969 death of the clan departed wife and mother of two very different families. Or hide the past differences that tear them apart or reveal truths that can lead to unexpected failures scars?
I really do not know of any reason to put this sad scenario theres. Of course, some of the conflicts between the characters, but nothing special, really these people, a lot of Southerners, and the Atlantic was entitled to three different types of information. Southerners led to a dead man, stubborn, proud, yet sad life and the typical pattern of an area to attract divorced wife came back to where he was and when he was in England, adulterer and the adulteress, vision I could not resist a sudden change was buried. I came home and burial place of birth that you, and he died before it was going to be his last as his dream was the daughter of John F, I think. Kennedy's widow, later married Greek Tycoon, but Onassis changed his last name, but still want to be buried next to his first wife? What a joke! Deadbeat is a beautiful and living fully in this rural town, stubborn, arrogant and smug defaulters out of all the movie-with-the-wind, full of bad memories and bad taste BC load mansion. and the members of both parties in advance of the second generation of a sudden one night stand against dust and short romance, and then subsided, a sudden wind storm has blown and mixed. Deadbeat watch anything and it's boring and there is nothing like the film. without emotion is a big yawn, suddenly you feel will cause teary eyes.