Hold my hand
Mia and the Steve Klink Trio


  1. If I Could Be With You
  2. Autumn Leaves
  3. Come Rain or Come Shine
  4. Just Squeeze Me
  5. The World is Falling Down [Video]
  6. It’s Magic
  7. A Sleepin’ Bee
  8. After You’ve Gone
  9. Just Squeeze Me
  10. Comes Love


Mia Žnidarič - Vocals
Steve Klink - Piano
Henning Gailing - Bass
Darren Beckett - Drums

About Hold My Hand:

Produced by Janez Krizaj & Mia Žnidarič
Recorded and mastered by Janez Krizaj

  • Tracks 18 recorded at Tivoli Recording Studios, July 15 and 16, 1995; Old&smoked Scweighofer grand tuned by Miro Staric;
  • Track 9 recorded at Jazz Club Gajo, Ljubljana, July 17, 1995;
  • Track 10 recorded at Cafe Teater, Ljubljana, November 25, 1994 (when Mia and Steve first met); with
    • Davor Krizic (tp)
    • Steve Klink (p)
    • Ziga Golob (b)
    • Kruno Levacic (d)
  • Digital editing studio Metro

Many many thanks to: Mojmir Sepe, Nada Zgur, Jasna Spiller, Franci Cizelj, Irena Kohont & Mario Jamnik, Janez Skrabec, Alojz Kramljak, Andreja & Iztok Abersek, Boris Bele, Ratko Divjak, Zarko Pak, Toni Jurij, Gregor Strnisa

Jozef Skolc for his always good spirits, Matjaz Vrecko for beeing my friend since I was a teenage labourer, Steve Klink for bringing out the best in me, Drago Gajo for the first jazz club in Ljubljana

Special thanks to: Petra & Branka, Tajda, Eva & Chris, Vlasta, Bajci & Igor, Kruno, Maja & Robi, Tomi, Bojka, Smilci, Neca, Martin, Ana & Ziga, Davor & Vesna, Nina, Zarko, Janez, Ot; whenever I was sad, lonely or happy you were there for me.

I dedicate this album to all who still know what love is.


Photos by Tomi Lombar. Designed by KLADIVO

CCX 128 CORONA Records, Knezova 34a, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, Tel +386 61 558 473
Executive: Dusan Velkaverh
CD pressing: Sony DADC, Austria; Cover pressing: Drago Kacijan

The release of this album was supported by the

  • Slovenian Ministry of Culture
  • City of Ljubljana Department for Culture
  • Krka, MG Soft, Ceflex, Vision Factory

Mia was awarded with

for best jazz artist.
Mia and Janez Krizaj were awarded with

for best jazz album
and for best album in a foreign language.