I wish I knew how
Mia and the Steve Klink Trio


  1. I Cried For You
  2. Teach Me Tonight
  3. Black Coffee
  4. I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel To Be Free
  5. Cry Like a Rainstorm
  6. Day In Day Out
  7. Little Green
  8. What Is This Thing Called Love
  9. Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
  10. Noč - [Night]
  11. Dream a Little Dream of Me


Mia Žnidarič - Vocals
Steve Klink - Piano
Henning Gailing - Bass
Krunoslav Levačič - Drums

About I Wish I Knew How...:

Produced, Engineered and Mastered by Janez Krizaj
Production Assistant: Steve Klink
Studio Assistant: Cole Moretti
All Songs Recorded and Mixed at Radio Slovenia, Studio 26,
October 15, 16, 17, 1996, Digital Editing: Studio Metro
Photos by Neca Falk, Designed by Tone Stojko & Marko Vezovisek
Translated by Amidas, translation of song Lora & Sean Power
Publisher: PRODOK/CATSRECORDS®, Trebinjska 11, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
Manufactured by: Sony DADC, Salzburg, Austria
Main sponsor - glavni sponzor: Agroruse
Sponsors: Telekom, Mobitel, SCT, Heledis, Robit, Ministrstvo za kulturo RS

Mia and Janez Krizaj were awarded

for best album in a foreign language.

The Night

(Feri Lainscek)

When the last ring of sky puts on its black hat,
And darkness settles beneath its brim,
When the stars begin to dance about,
And when, at last, the moon comes toddling in,
It is then our eyes catch fire
And we feel warmth around our hearts.

Our cities, asleep through the day,
Wake now to this silence.
Every hour of the night is filled with secret wishes.
And the owl listens closely,
Should her darling call from somewhere far away
And should his song be one of love.

When the last of the world dons its black coat
And everywhere is dark,
When the stars begin to smile
And the moon goes ha-ha-ha,
Then everything is ready for the feast
And wedding songs can be heard.

And if anyone asks you in the morning
How this song ends:
The owl married his bride,
And they both disappeared into the dark.

The owl married his bride,
And they both disappeared into the dark.

And they both disappeared into the dark

Very special thanks to:

Gordana Petek-Ivandic, Nada Malovrh, Zarko Zivkovic, Matjaz Rakovec, Joze Vidic, Mitja Klavora, Stane Susnik, Ksenija Pelkic Ogrizek, Slobodan Sibincic, Marica Panjan, Peter Zule, Peter Urh, Janez Skrabec, Mata Malus, Jozef Skolc, Samo Simonic, Bozo Kumperscak, Emil Lobnik, Simon Ferlinc, Jasna Purgaj, Miro Staric, Ivek Pal, Celjski plesni orkester Zabe, Maja Kirar, Romana Salobir, Igor Leonardi, Nini de Gleria, Jani Kenda, Mira in Silvo Tersek.

Thank you, my Neca, and the whole Falk-Stojko family, for your tenderness, support, and understanding.

Thanks to Boris Znidaric - with whom I coincidentally share a last name - for allowing this music to be enjoyed by others.

Bill, Judith, and Joanna Klink: Thank you! Thanks to Barbara Boyle.

Bostjan Malus: Little Green is for you only. You know why!

And many thanks to my friends: Eva and Christof Porenta-Steidl, Steffi Muller, Maja and Robi Miglar, Ziga Golob, Petra and Branka Grujicic, Sean and Lora Power, Igor Stromajer, Bojana Kunst, Janez, Lana And Jerneja Krizaj, Ot, Marko Clemenz, Miso Sabovic, Tajda Lekse.

Thanks to my musicians: Steve Klink, Henning Gailing, Kruno Levacic - for the perfect harmony, big ears and magic fingers.